Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The waiting game and In His Steps

After nearly 2 years of faithful service, my sewing machine blew a fuse and had to be sent of for repairs. This was two lonely weeks ago and I am still waiting for the service center to call me. Meanwhile, I've been getting by with my back-up machine, and antiquated Pfaff hand-me-down from a friend of my MIL. But it just doesn't do all the cool stuff "my" machine does.

I'm also waiting on some out-of-print patterns that I ordered; they shipped today so *hopefully* they will be here by this weekend. They are for play costumes that I mentioned what seem like 100 years ago. Well, first of all, I was on the wrong side of the turn-of-the-century; the play is set in 1896 (late Victorian) instead of the 1910's Edwardian era, which means the styles were totally different. The funnest (yes, I think funnest is a word!) aspect of the design is that this was at the tail end of leg o'mutton sleeves being in fashion, so the costumes for the very fashionable ladies will look something like these.

And this is the pile of fabric and trim that await me (and the patterns)

In case you are curious, the play these costumes are for is called In His Steps; which is a WWJD story that was written over 100 years before all of those bracelets & bumper stickers because trendy. This is a costume that I finished last week. No big sleeves; it is for a working-class character. It'll look better on it's intended wearer ;o)

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