Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pretending to be Jen

Happy Easter, everyone!

I got a little behind on my egg dye-ing this year; the eggs have been cooked since Tuesday, and we planned to dye them last night with my brother and his wife. Well, after a few beers and video games last night, the big people minus me weren't interested. So, we did them this afternoon instead. Actually, the boys probably wouldn't have even noticed that we never dyed the eggs, but what's the point in having 11 eggs (dh tried to use one for a scrambled egg one morning. oops!) at Easter time and not color them? Photos compliments of boy #2:

Then I was left with 5 cups of rich gorgeous egg dye. I'm usually a PAAS girl, but apparently Dudley won the rights to Star Wars Easter Egg kits, so Dudley it was for our family this year. This Dudley dye was really nice and strong, and I couldn't bear to pour it down the drain. Inspired by the amazing creations of my friend The Tie Dye Diva (please don't laugh at me Jen!), I decided to use Easter egg coloring to tie dye a kiddo tee shirt. Yes, I know it will wash out. But it was just too much fun not to try. And I must say, it turned out pretty decent. Even DH was impressed!

Of course, I was totally winging it and didn't have any rubberbands or gloves, so I tied the shirt up with kite string and used my bare hands for dyeing. And now they are a work of art, too. As is the end of my camera stap, which fell in the pink dye while I was photographing my hand, LOL!


Tie Dye Diva said...

I am cracking up! (Ha! Pardon the egg pun!) You did a great job on the tee. Now we have matching hands, too. It seems whenever I have to dye something that is, say, bright red, or black, I wind up with a hole in my glove and dozens of people looking at me in horror the next day.

bethspiroff said...

hey jen I am tagging you...see my blog!