Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Not the show. Can you believe I have never even seen part of an episode of it?

I'm talking about my stuff. I am CONSTANTLY losing stuff. 2 recent lost & founds are the cordless phone from my sewing room (the darn thing was MIA for about 3 weeks; I found it in a purse. A purse?!?!? Craziness!) and some yellow eyelet fabric. I swear I looked through every one of my fabric bins/boxes/drawers at least 3 times and couldn't find it. Then, a month later after I had long forgotten what I wanted it for, it appeared. Go figure.

New on today's new lost list (and I swear, I really could make a new list every day of things I can't find) is my MP3 player. It looks like this; let me know if you've seen it, okay? The sad thing is, I don't even know how long ago I lost it. Maybe a month? I keep forgetting I have it and don't use it as religiously as I should. Also missing is a story disc that C checked out from the library a few weeks ago and is due tomorrow. We have disc 2, but disc 1 is nowhere to be found. Who knows what random CD case it might have ended up in... or under whose bed... o in which toy bin...

And this is how my kids look for things: walk into room, do a visual scan,and come back reporting "I looked EVERYWHERE and can't find it." At which time I walk to the doorway of said room and immediately see the lost shoe/book/blankie without even looking. Maybe I'll go stare in some rooms and something will appear. Maybe something I didn't even realize that I had lost!

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