Monday, March 15, 2010

sharing the love

I discovered Back40Life on etsy a few months ago and have swooned over her gorgeous vinyls ever since. But alas... every time I end up with money in my PayPal account, it ends up being spent on fabric. So when she offered a $25 giveaway in her shop last Friday, I happily entered and even more happily- I WON!

There are LOTS of things in her shop I would love to have for myself, but one of the things I had to do when I entered was comment about my favorite thing in her shop. Well, the first thing that caught my mind was actually something for a dear friend of mine. Here's the story:

My friend's husband had a vasectomy shortly after the birth of their 4th child, and as the months went by afterward, she became increasingly upset that her family was "finished." Knowing that ALL things are possible with God, she followed Hannah's example in the book of 1 Samuel and prayed that God would send them another child. Lo and behold- she did conceive again 2 years after the procedure, and she knew without a doubt that she would be having a little boy. She knew right away that she would name him Samuel, and he was born 10 months ago looking more like his daddy than any child I have ever seen! He is such a sweet miracle baby.

My friend is moving into a larger house this weekend to accommodate her larger family, and Samuel is going to have his own nursery. I know how special this verse is to her, so I am choosing to use my Back40Life credit to purchase this vinyl for Samuel's new nursery.

If YOU would like to win something, I encourage you to become a fan on my Facebook page- I'll be giving away a $34 credit to my etsy store on the 17th!

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