Sunday, June 14, 2009

Customer cuties

One of the rare treats of an etsy seamstress is to actually see her items on a child. I make things and send them to various homes across the United States (and sometimes the world!). Sometimes the parents remember to leave feedback for me; most of the time they don't. So it really is special when a mom takes time to share a picture of her child wearing something that I made. Here are a few pictures I have received lately.

Don't forget: all ready-to-ship items in my etsy store are still half off for the rest of the month. Tell your friends!

Also, if you really want to know what I'm doing and thinking, you've probably discovered that my blog is not the best place to find me. I'm doing good if I post more than once a month! I invite you to follow me on twitter and facebook (link over on the right sidebar... I'm too much of a commitment phobe to choose a username over there!)

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