Monday, December 22, 2008

Have you hear the one about the CPSIA?

So apparently there is some new legislation on the books that would drastically effect not only my business but literally hundereds of thousands of other small artisan businesses nationwide.

Imagine if every item that a local crafter makes for a child-- whether it be a hand-carved wooden puzzle, lovingly stitched quilt, or custom made children's clothing item-- suddenly became illegal to sell without being tested for lead and phlatlates.

It could be a reality based on this new law in the works.

I'm all for keeping my kids and everyone else's kid's safe, but some government safety regulations just drive me nutty (like the fact that my 7 year old still has to sit in a booster seat, but I digress...)

Usually I don't get involved in this type of letter-writing campaign stuff. I prefer to think that legislation this stupid can't pass, but, well, I've been wrong before. So just in case, here is a document that you can read to learn more about the proposed Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) legislation, as well as information about who to contact with your comments about it

CPSIA- Read How/What/When HERE

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