Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to school

Here's the thing about designing childrens clothes (or, I guess any clothes, really): you have to think 2-3 months ahead. It's the end of July now, and I'm already panicked that I've missed the boat on Halloween and need to move on to Christmas.

But that's not what this post is about.

Even though most kiddos aren't heading back to school for another month, you've gotta have the perfect outfit for day 1, right? And there's no sense in waiting until the last minute to get it. So here are 2 great ready to ship twirl skirt sets to send your little girl back to school in style. Click the names to visit the auctions on eBay

School Friends, size 4/5 (over there on the right)

Bookworm, size 5/6/6x

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