Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's in YOUR bathroom?

We bought our current house in July of 2004. It was a foreclosure and in need of some MAJOR updating. Fugly doesn't even begin to describe it when we bought it. My friends always think I'm crazy when they see the houses I buy (this is our 3rd fixer-upper), but what can I say? I love an ugly (and cheap) house!

The majority of the remodeling & updating was done before or shortly after we moved in, but certain projects have fallen by the wayside. Like our half bath. It is part of the addition to our house, which is a long ranch. So imagine, if you will, looking at my house from the street: from left to right, you'd have bedrooms, main living area, the addition, then the garage. The addition houses my sewing room/guestbedroom/junk storage... you get the idea. And the poor little half bath was used as a closet for almost 2 years (sad, but true!)

Now is the time for our little bath's makeover. I wish I could show you the full, hideous before picture, but we did some minor repairs when we first moved in. This is the only picture I could find (the bathroom is on the left)

Now it is completely gutted and ready for lots of work this week:

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